The adventure of the discovery of the Self, guided by the Siddha yogis.



Place: El Molino, Puerto Moral, Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Place: Centro Integral de Yoga, Sevilla, 24 Santa Ana St., in the centre of Sevilla, Thursdays from 6 to 7 p.m.

Vasi Yoga classes are intended to offer a space both physical and internal for the exploration of the Self from a happiness perspective and their purpose is to serve as a complement to the education imparted to our children in the schools. The true education is that which liberates; other than this, i.e. the different types of education imparted to us throughout our student life can be qualified as worldly as far as their goals and effects are concerned, for they allow us to get on well in this material world but do not help us to find the pathway to the Absolute Bliss or, in other words, the Happiness, Joy or Bliss that do not depend on external events or internal states of mind.

As the Siddha yogis say, we should not wait to grow older to direct our life to the Self knowledge and to search for the Happiness –with a capital H.

This Yoga contributes to the development of a balanced, autonomous and happy individual, apart from the fact that it influences the development of the concentration, the attention, the emotional and thought management, the care and growth of the body’s consciousness. The Vasi Yoga helps the development of every potentiality of the human being.

Boys and girls would explore and research the inner world, the world of the Self; here the children become explorers of the Self guided by the discoveries of the Siddhas on body, mind and consciousness.


Our work tools will be those discoveries made by the Siddhas about the Self and we will learn and experience with the help of the keys appropriate to reach the same state of profound Happiness and Bliss attained by them.

  • Who are the Siddhas? The thread of tradition. The Siddha family.
  • The Siddha masters. What were they looking for? The pursuit of the treasure (the hidden gem). The cosmic wedding.
  • Our body: what we see and what we see not. The nadis. The cakras. The breath.
  • Our mind: how does it work and how to be in control of it.
  • Our emotions: how do they work and how to transcend them.
  • How to keep the body as sound and healthy as an apple.
  • The pathway: its elements: mantra, pranayama, concentration, asanas; their practice.
  • The kundalini
  • Who is Shiva? The path of love.
  • Our endeavour, what the right action is: yamas and niyamas, service, love and mercy as the guides of our actions.
  • Will, action and knowledge.
  • Creating a lexicon: karma, soul, sakti, Shiva, siddhis, vairagya, nada, bindu, guru-master, jnana, jiva.



We will be waiting for you. We are organizing groups.


INFORMATION: Ashram Vettaveli   –   650 751 464