Ramón Ruedas Gómez

My pursuit began at an early age, when I was sixteen years old, in Mexico City. I encountered the spirituality for the first time through the Yoga practice at the first Yoga Institute established in that city. From that moment on, I met my guru Juan Víctor Mejías, the then director of the Universal Great Brotherhood. I lived in an ashram in Venezuela and my guru sent me to Spain in 1973 with the mission to establish some centers of Yoga. My quest has always been constant and continuous, teaching Yoga and establishing several centers throughout Spain.

The goal of my spiritual pursuit has always been the achievement or realization of the Samadhi or Jiva Mukti, and the tradition of the Tamil Siddhas shows the right and proven path to reach it.

I established El Molino in the year 1993 as a school for personal inner growth and for many years I worked there with Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing. I also worked on several paths: Shamanism, Buddhism, the Kabala, some training in Africa. I was trained on Holotropic breathwork by Stanislav Grof. I did some works with Melquisedec and was trained in Tantra Yoga by Ronald Fusch.

The above works have only a supplementary character as I have always been devoted to the training of Yoga teachers, because the main support for my spiritual practice has been and is the Yoga. My work has been invariably focused on the threefold goal of making Yoga known, training Yoga teachers and practicing Yoga as the axis… of my life.

As of 1999 I began to contact the tradition of the Siddha yogis and it was from that point on when my life gave a dramatic twist as far as my spiritual search is concerned; from that moment on I have devoted myself to the investigation and the practice of this tradition. Nowadays my mission is to divulge this millenary tradition that has remained hidden through thousands of years. For this purpose I have founded the first ashram where it can be practiced and taught. It is my belief that this tradition is the most comprehensive and profound one for the full spiritual evolution of the human being.

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