We intend to make a contribution to schools in the form of experimentation with meditation, including as well a program allowing its integration into the classrooms. As for the profound structures of the Self, they cannot be learned but grasped. The structure of the Self can only be grasped or experienced. For this purpose, we would use a set of techniques based on Yoga –Vasi Yoga, to be exact. This is a very ancient Yoga native to the Siddha tradition from the South of India.

This Yoga contributes to the development of a balanced, autonomous and happy individual, apart from the fact that it influences the development of the concentration, the attention, the emotional and thought management, the care and growth of the body’s consciousness. The Vasi Yoga helps the development of every potentiality of the human being. A true education is a path of research and return back to the Self. The true education is a pathway to the pure consciousness.

  • For schools:
  • To advise and help the teaching staff to introduce meditation and yoga in the everyday practice in the school.
  • To create a peaceful environment concerning the educational community relationships, by building the inner peace.
  • To develop a conscious educational community looking for the happiness of the people who form part of it.
  • For boys and girls:
  • Concentration and attention improvement.
  • Peaceful resolution of problems and exercise of genuine compassion.
  • Love and compassion for oneself and for all that exists –either animate or inanimate.
  • Self-knowledge and consciousness as far as possibilities and limitations are concerned.
  • Commitment to the self-awakening and becoming a better person.
  • Detachment of egos and their overcoming, at both individual and collective levels.
  • Love for all that means life and its preservation.
  • Contact and listening to the child and to the inner voice.
  • Contact and continuous connection with the inner Self, the Cosmos.
  • Self-evolution and transformation.
  • Oneness with the WHOLE.
  • Liberation from past conditioning and confidence in the future.
  • Assimilation and overcoming of sufferings of life, self-acceptance.
  • Search for the meaning of the existence.
  • Awareness raising about today’s problems and commitment to their solution.
  • Contemplative willingness of mind.
  • Search for the inner peace.