The Siddhas have taken extraordinary care to keep this tradition as pure and intact as possible through the ages. This is one of our purposes, i.e. to preserve the spirit of purity of this tradition thus avoiding that it might reach   the mankind in a distorted condition. For this purpose we count on the valuable help of great and highly qualified Indian scholars, namely: Prof. Dr. T.N. Ganapathy and Dr. Geetha Anand, who are translating the siddha texts from Tamil to English, being one of their main criteria the strict respect for the sense and purity of the verses. We also count on translators from English to Spanish who keep up the same criterion concerning the purity of the translations of the different texts (Clotilde Reina Jurado).

This training is much more than the study and learning of a series of topics, hence being its objective the inner transformation. To attain the genuine self transformation, the Siddhas say that in the siddha tradition things are not taught but “caught”. The training shows the path to follow for this transformation. Thus, to participate in it participants are required to have both a craving for transformation and a commitment to practice. Besides these two aspects, the Siddhas mention the concept of Arrupadai, which means to show the path to the sincere seekers. Therefore the training is open to all those people willing to teach others at a future time.