Objectives of the school for children and families (that which inspires us)

 To create among people a new consciousness more humane, less aggressive, less competitive and more respectful among them and with the nature, as long as they become aware of the fact that they are simultaneously an integral part of a universal whole and an individual microcosm, where all the holistic components of the Universe are reflected.

More specifically:

  • To become acquainted with the Siddha yogis Who were they? What were they searching for? Which were their contributions?
  • To become familiar with Vasi Yoga as a transforming element for the human being.
  • To establish a space for reflection and a space for the experience both for children and adults.
  • To consolidate the family as a support for the joint evolution of fathers and mothers as well as of sons and daughters. To help parents to guide and accompany their children in their process of spiritual growth.
  • To favour a link between fathers, mothers and children in relation to Yoga, as well as to make it possible to integrate Yoga in the family life. To give support to the creation of peer groups with which to share this learning.
  • To favour a conscious growth at the level of the physical, cognitive, social and spiritual planes of the individual, integrating these into a harmonious whole.