Isabel Clara Centeno Mediavilla

Social Policy Investigator. She performs the editorial tasks necessary to the publication of Vettaveli’s works.

Clotilde Reina Jurado 

Some years ago, as much as eighteen or even more, a good friend put me in touch with the Centro Integral de Yoga. After some time, I joined a Personal Growth Group conducted by the Center’s Director, Ramón Ruedas. One day it was considered advisable the study of a book of which it was thought that no Spanish version existed. I offered myself to act as a translator for the above group in this particular case. However it was finally unnecessary but this circumstance marked the start of my modest work experience as a translator. I had never before carried out any literary translation but, due to my professional life related to the foreign market I had a certain level of experience in commercial texts.

My offering did not fall on deaf ears and since that day, other texts have been appearing which needed to be translated into Spanish and that have been leading us step by step to the point where we are presently.

From that moment on and until now I have had the opportunity to cooperate with the Center frequently, acting as a translator for them. My work has always been disinterested and each and every one of my translations have been bound till this moment to the exclusive personal use of its Director, providing him support for his teaching activities.

Many indeed have been the books and texts that I have been so fortunate to hold in my hands, reading them and fussing over them. I feel deeply grateful both for this circumstance and for the confidence placed on me which I have been able to feel at all times. I cannot understand the translation work if it were not by caressing, metaphorically speaking, the original text so that it brings out its spirit thus allowing me to reflect it as truthfully as possible –although it is a well known fact that a translation will never be able to capture the full essence of the original text. Otherwise this work would make no sense to me. Personally, this activity has been most rewarding for me in more than one sense. Not only it has served me to enrich my knowledge and use of the language itself, but also to try and understand certain things that cannot be found in the books… And yet everything remains to be learned!

Among others, some of the works translated into Spanish for the Center are: The Yoga of Siddha Boganathar, The Poets of the Powers, The Serpent Power, several works about the philosophy and teachings of Saint Ramalingar, Periya Puranam, The Yoga of Siddha Avvai, Tevaram (tirumurais 1 to 7), The Tirumandiram (both the previous version in 3 vols. and the most recent in 10 vols.) The Yoga of the 18 Siddhas: an Anthology, Tirukkural, Tiruvachagam, The Philosophy of the Tamil Siddhas, Philosophy of Gorakhnath, Études instrumentales des techniques du yoga: expérimentation psychosomatique (this one was translated from French to Spanish) Dance, snake! Dance! and quite a lot of others.

Most recently I have concluded the translation of the Tirumandiram (10 vols.) and have also put an end to the reworking of the translation of the lectures given by Dr. T.N. Ganapathy at Escuela Vettaveli, El Molino, during the summer of 2015. In addition, the translation of the Sivavakkiyam, The Songs of a Spiritual Rebel has also been revised. The last two translations (having been made some months ago) are at present being prepared to be edited and published in Spanish by the Asociación Vettaveli in printed form.

Geetha Anand

Dr. Geetha Anand is a molecular biologist by training. Her undergraduate training was at IIT Madras and IIT New Delhi. She received her Ph.D. from Purdue University, Indiana. Her post doctoral training was at the University of Pittsburgh. She served as Research Assistant Professor at Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh and as Associate Scientist at the Stanford University, California. She was a consultant at the Foundation for Revitalization of local health traditions, Bangalore and at the National Institute of Advanced studies, Bangalore, where she was Mani Bhaumik Scholar under their Consciousness studies program.

She studied Vaishnavism and Indian Philosophy at Madras University. She was awarded first prize in the Srivaishnavism course conducted by Sri Ahobila Math. Her translation of SriLakshmiSahasram by Sri VenkatadvariKavi and Sri AppayaDishitar’s Sri Varadarajasthavam can be accessed at She has published several research articles including NadiPariksha, Manuscriptology and comparison of commentaries on Charaka Samhita. She is a staff translator of Srimadh Andavan Ashramam’s monthly magazine, SriRanganathaPaduka. Her translations, Key to Agatthiyar Jnana (Pranav Swasthisthan) and Greatness of Saturn (Kannadasan Padippagam) are in Press.

In the Siddha field, she was a co-author of the article, Monistic Theism of the Tirumandiram and Kashmir Saivism along with Dr. Ganapathy. She has translated several philosophical works published by Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Organization, Quebec including The Grace Course, Kailash The Quest of the Self, Kriya Yoga: Insights along the Path, books by Sri Kannaiya Yogi, Sri Satchidananda Guruparan and Siddha Aarakavi’s Sambhaviyogam. She is the contributor of a monthly featured article in Amman Darsanam, a magazine published by the Sringeri Sarada Mutt, on hitherto unpublished Siddha works. She also contributes original articles for their Deepavali malar and Vardhanthi malar. She runs the blogs and where she translates and comments on Siddha verses. Her translation and commentary on AgatthiyarMeijnanam has been translated into Russian. She has published her translation and commentary on AgatthiyarMeijnanam and SubramanyarJnanam 500 on facebook. She is at present translating and commenting on Agatthiyar’s Saumya Sagaram.