An ashram is a center for the spiritual growth of people. As such, the purpose of the Ashram Vettaveli is to offer all the spiritual seekers the opportunity, through the practice of the Vasi Yoga, to achieve their full enlightenment (jiva mukti). The idea to establish the Ashram Vettaveli is born from the need to have spaces available as suggested and defined by its own name, i.e. “vettaveli” (open space), where anyone who longs for his full realization can have a place surrounded by nature and endowed with a huge telluric power. With this in mind the ashram is located in the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park.

The tradition or praclaserranadearacena_slide_03tice of people gathering in temples has existed since forever… From the very beginning of the Siddhas’ tradition they gathered in temples, forests, natural landscapes or caves where they carried out their practices that led them to the enlightenment. The concept of ashram can be traced thousands of years back; it has always existed a tradition to create places for spiritual purposes. The ashrams were and should be schools of wisdom where people can have the opportunity to develop all their Self potential. Presently our ashram is true to this aim and fulfils this function. Siddhas are fully enlightened human beings who achieved this state of Self realization through the intense practice of Vasi Yoga. The ashram intends to help all those people who need to find a place to perform this intense practice.

An ashram is a proper place for an intense practice, where one can work on what the Siddhas call sadhana. It is a place to focus the attention only on this purpose, doing away with the interferences from the daily life as long as the person needs it. There are times when, in our hectic life, we require some places and spaces suitable to give us support in our Quest for the Self and its realization, allowing us subsequently to reintegrate ourselves into the daily life.

The ashram function is to serve as a burning flame for all the sincere seekers of the enlightenment or liberation from worldly fetters. In the tradition of the Siddha yogis, the term arrupadai means to keep shining the torchlight. Our ashram fulfils this function of letting people know the techniques and procedures to reach such a state of liberation, and also of conveying the Siddhas knowledge in the present day.

The practitioner would decide the time of his stay at the ashram (either long periods or shorter periods –as for example weekends). The ashram is a support for the daily life sadhana on the basis of Vasi Yoga, the yoga practiced by the Siddha yogis.

The Siddha yogis realized that without an intense practice, tapas, it is almost impossible to achieve the spiritual evolution… and the less if we are always overwhelmed by time… It is then peremptory to open a “relaxed” space for contemplation.

Our purpose is both the creation and the establishment of ashrams in different special locations throughout the Planet with the aim to make it possible that the mankind be provided with all of the necessary supports to change its consciousness level so that this helps to a real change for the welfare and joy of the human beings. The Siddhas found that the essence of the human being resides in living a life based on the supreme bliss and they fully realized it, giving clear proof of their practices and experiences in their thousands of verses (whose texts are already being published).