When children are born, they carry with them their inner seed –that of the
Pure Consciousness, guarded in a small treasure box, as it were. When
people have the adequate support they get the knowledge and the wisdom
which enable them to open it. This means that the sooner the person has the
knowledge to activate this Pure Consciousness, which is nothing but a
Permanent Happiness state (Ananda), the more his life will be full and more
conscious in thought, word and deed. He will be able to give direction to his
life in harmony with the essence of what we are and he will not live his life
just as a mere happening.
At Vettaveli we intend that children do not lose this connection with their
Self, with what the Siddhas call Sat-cit-Ananda, which is the form or the face
of our true Self and can be translated as Self-Existence-Bliss or Supreme
Joy. We work on the basis of the tradition of the Siddha yogis who show us
the path, making use of the tools and the method to reach that state.
Vettaveli is a place where children can access their Self from the very
beginning of their life. This is the reason why we work with the families in
the understanding that this is an essential support for the evolution of the
children; we also work with the children independently because they often
need spaces where they can experiment and experience in an autonomous
way, without the involvement of their parents.
Our activity focuses on four working lines:
– With families, through monthly meetings.
– With children, through Vasi Yoga classes. These classes should be considered as spaces where it is possible to evolve and share experiences with other people from the perspective of the Vasi Yoga rather than classes properly speaking. There are weekly spaces and also more intense spaces as for example the summer meetings.
– With schools, as a way to make that both meditation and Vasi Yoga reach a more formal space such as educational centers, the purpose being to make schools become places for HAPPINESS.
– Finally, our Ashram operates a school (a non-directive, free school) that besides instructing and helping children to get on well in this material world, is aimed at the awakening of the Bliss which the Siddhas talked about, meaning the liberation from the “ego”, i.e. the liberation from a structure of knowledge of a triangular character based on the distinction between the knower, the object known and the process of knowing.