Mouna Yoga (The Yoga of Silence) – DEC. 2017

We welcome the month of December with a Mouna Yoga (the Yoga of Silence) retreat. The Siddha yogis say that silence is the real yoga. But they do not refer to the silence as it is understood by our present-day society. Siddha Konganar says that there is a silence of not speaking, a silence of not thinking after which we start to ascend the genuine ladder of the Real Silence. The Real Silence is the silence of Samadhi, a state in which the distinction between the knower, the object known and the knowing process disappears. The Silence is something that happens; it is a state attained under certain specific conditions. The Siddhas established the way by which this state of silence could be reached. The silence of Samadhi is not sense-control, nor is concentration on some object; it is something much deeper than that.

The mystic silence referred to by the Siddhas is a state where the self is emptied of any content; it is a state where the ego, mind and thought disappear. This silence is made possible only by means of the appropriate techniques which help actively to cease the functioning of the mind and finally to dissolve the ego, which is the origin of our separation from our Self.

Therefore, the silent retreats mean a space where it is possible to learn the sense-control, to learn how to stop the action of the mind so that the impurities which prevent us to attain this silence can be dissolved. Thus the objective of a silent retreat is not to calm down the mind but it is a process much deeper that begins with the control of the senses (pratyahara), which leads us to a state of deep concentration; it is a process possessor of the Essence that allows us to dissolve both the associated karmas and impurities, to reach this Silence that is Bliss. For this purpose, the Siddha yogis use intensive pranayamic exercises and also mantras so that it is feasible to access this space of Pure Consciousness.

According to the Siddha tradition, the benefits derived from a silent retreat are as follows: the achievement of an intensive cleaning and purification process, the objective being to allow the Pure Consciousness to emerge. If you feel the need to clean impurities and karmas, this is your retreat. If you wish to participate in the Siddhas’ adventure, this is your place.

Open to all people regardless of their age: the soul is ageless. The younger you start this process of cleaning, the less you will generate karma because both your decisions and actions would be under the influence of your Pure Consciousness.

SILENT RETREAT (based on the Siddha yogis tradition). Organized by Ashram Vettaveli. Conducted by Ramón Ruedas.

Dates: from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd, December 2017


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