Among others, Vettaveli has the function to divulge and make the writings of the Siddhas known. These texts are written in ancient Tamil language and they are transliterated into modern Tamil, then translated into English and finally translated into Spanish.

The literature of the Tamil Siddhas covers many centuries. There are still thousands of manuscripts of Siddha works without being examined, i.e. they are lying unanalyzed in private and public manuscripts libraries both in India and abroad.

It is only since 1980 when the translations from the Tamil language to English of the Tamil Siddha texts began. The Siddha poems are not mere intellectual concepts but lived experiences. The Siddhas couched their verses in a special language denominated “twilight language”. They are poems written in ordinary language but its meaning operates at two different levels: one linguistic and another symbolic.

A large number of these texts were written on palm leaves.

It is also one of our goals to disseminate the practice of Vasi Yoga by means of some texts mainly focused on the practice.

We are cooperating presently with Dr. Geetha Anand, who is translating the Siddha texts from Tamil to English. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Ganapathy –who nowadays is retired, for his work to bring the Siddha works out throughout many years. We count also on the cooperation of Clotilde Reina Jurado, who is in charge of the translations from English into Spanish. We count also on Isabel Clara Centeno Mediavilla’s contribution: she performs the editorial tasks necessary to the publication of Vettaveli’s works.