At present the education is going through intense crisis times. It is a kind of education oriented only to a part of the human being. The education being imparted to our children is obsolete, compartmentalizing the individual and making his Self imperceptible. It is a partial education where the most important thing is the cognitive development. The education is seeking ways for the integral growth of the person. The individual is defined as a bio-psycho-emotional-spiritual being. Therefore the education should address the following issues:

  • Physical development
  • Mental or cognitive development
  • Emotional development
  • Social development, participation in the community, notion of service and mission
  • Psychological development
  • And finally, spiritual development

All the above developments are connected to each other and we cannot keep separated one form of development from another. It is necessary an approach where the person can develop all his potentialities in those fields.

Thus, the education must help children to connect with their inner Self, giving them support in their spiritual needs and concerns. These spiritual concerns have nothing to do with religion; it is a search for the Transcendence of the Self.

The Siddha tradition of the yogis from the South of India serves us as a point of reference for the Self development. Within this tradition we can find the Fathers of Yoga (among many others, Tirumular, Agastyar, Ramalinga, Pambatticitar, Karuvurar, etc.). They lived thousands of years back and developed the different types of Yoga existing nowadays and after a deep internal search they established a path of Yoga that led them to attain a state of Happiness or Absolute Bliss, which is nothing but a state of permanent Enjoyment not dependent on external events or relationships or fulfillment of desires. They established the appropriate techniques in order to make it possible this transformation of the Self. There have been different theorists in the field of the Transpersonal Psychology as for example Ken Wilber who, in his work The Atman Project: A Transpersonal View of Human Development states from a theoretical point of view that, as a matter of fact, enlightenment is the ultimate stage in the development of an individual. He also says that meditation is a sustained path to transcendence, the way to consciousness construction.

The Siddhas’ accomplishment lies in the fact that they stated in written both the manner and the techniques and procedures to attain such a degree of development of the Self.

For this reason, we have created a program for schools aimed to complement the education imparted to children and also to make it possible that those techniques established by the Siddhas are available to children so that they can be happy. The education should not address only the cognitive development or the acquisition of knowledge. Regardless his age, the education tries to help people to be happy. The true objective of the education is the development of the Self. The state of “being” is a state where our consciousness is not interfered by thoughts, emotions, etc. It is also a matter of being able to reach the inner state where the happiness does not depend on external objects.

The Siddha yogis described (and worked with) a kind of grasp-based learning which does not make use of thought or speech and also it does not work with the discrimination between the knower and the object known.