Arrupadai concept: Journey to America

The arrupadai concept and our upcoming trip to Costa Rica and Mexico

Next January 2018, we will be travelling to Costa Rica and Mexico. This trip will mark a very significant milestone in our work of dissemination of the Siddha yogis’ tradition, because when they attain jiva-mukti (enlightenment while living), all of the Siddha yogis “feel” the need to give evidence and to leave proof of how the way to follow is, thus enabling other people to evolve and attain that state of Pure Consciousness and Immense Bliss and Happiness.

This is why most of them left us the legacy of their writings, where they record the experiences that can be lived along the way to the Realization or Enlightenment while still living.

They used the term “arrupadai”, which means nothing but helping others to attain what they themselves have attained; it means to show the path to the seekers of the Reality. Arrupadai is a way to help others and this can be done in different ways. They did it by sharing their practices and also through their writings. A tradition is kept alive through arrupadai and this means to transmit to others their teachings so that its continuity is maintained over time. However, this transmission is not a matter of cognitive learning, but an act in which the essence (the experience) belonging to those who attained enlightenment is embedded.

We are fulfilling our arrupadai work through the following actions:

– By translating the original Siddha texts from Tamil to English and then from English to Spanish, apart from our project to publish shortly some works by Agastyar –one of the most ancient Tamil Siddhas within the tradition of the Siddha yogis.

– By establishing places where people can learn the practices of Vasi Yoga (the yoga of the Siddhas). This means the establishment of yoga centers where those practices can be carried out and also of special places where one can go off, learn, experience and, above all, perform intense practices. This is what we call Ashram.

– By organizing lectures, talks and practical classes in different countries with the objective to offer to all the seekers of enlightenment –of Samadhi, the possibility to join us and identify if this is their way.

It is within this context that our trip to Mexico and Costa Rica has been planned. In Colima, Mexico we count on the help of Yani Valcru and in Costa Rica with that of Noily Herrera.

The cooperation of all those persons who wish to participate in the dissemination of this great tradition of the Siddha yogis will be most welcome. Please consider yourself invited to the diffusion of this tradition. We are open to travel and share the path of the Siddha yogis with other people around the world. You can contact us either by e-mail: // or leaving a message on our facebook page.


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